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Mojo Coffee Bar's key partner, The Haven, has served the Sarasota area special needs community since 1954.

The Haven exists to enhance quality of life by encouraging independence, championing inclusion and advocating for individual rights. Regardless of ability, everyone deserves the basic human right to have choices for a fulfilling and productive life filled with purpose and social acceptance. The Haven offers a variety of programs and services for adults and children with disabilities.

Employment Services Program

The Haven's Employment Specialists help develop well-trained and motivated individuals to fill local employers needs. The staff focuses on career counseling, job readiness training, placement, follow-along maintenance, job retention and job accommodation assistance. In addition, the staff provides application assistance and interview preparation.

We are proud to have The Haven as our lead Mojo Coffee Bar partner.

The Mojo Classroom

Our classroom is equipped with state-of-the-art teaching tools including a SMART Board® with job training software that's designed to provide engaging, hands-on learning.

The Employment Services Specialists from The Haven will help prepare our program participants to work in the coffee shop and for other local businesses.

Virtual Reality Program

In partnership with Three Six and Zero, a Sarasota-based live-action 360 video production company, Mojo Coffee Bar will design and develop a series of Virtual Reality job skills simulation videos that will reinforce our job skills training and serve as a refresher tool for our students as they work to gain employment.

The Virtual Reality videos that will be produced by our partners at Three Six and Zero will cover a variety of subjects including coffee shop-specific skills, general retail shop skills, interview preparation, and social / customer interaction tips.

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